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La Brèche

Un film réalisé par : Irene Yague

Production : Irene Yague
Espagne 2017
76 minutes, VOST

The Divide portrays Isabel and Dolores´struggle to remain in the flats where they have raised their families. Both women live in a square-shaped bare brick building situated on the margins of a river, in Madrid, Spain. A room, the neighborhood, the community: an identity marked by the strong character and history of long-standing disobedience.

It was 2013 when the City Council sold thousands of these Public Social Houses to speculative hedge funds. Isabel and Dolores ask their neighbors and the anti-eviction movement for help.

The Divide reveals the complex reality of these merchero families*, not only in their fight for a house to dwell in but also in coding their identities and establishing the community ties from the periphery they call home.

*specific ethnic group in Spain that sold cheap metal things in flea markets. They where historically marginated and moved into ghettos.